What is your organization’s management philosophy? Is it based on the latest ideas from a well known guru, or do you rely on ‘common’ sense? Enlighten your managers on the proven power of behavioral science, which—objectively and predictably—turns talent into results.


Research shows that 70% of all employees are not engaged at work, and companies lose millions each year as a result. Behavioral Science teaches that the carrot-and-stick management approach just doesn’t work. What is your strategy to engage employees and improve top and bottom line results?


Do you have truly empowered employees? Do they provide positive feedback for each other and self-quantify their own development? Or do they dread performance reviews and run for cover when the boss appears? What is your plan to empower and retain your employees?

Practice Great Behavior.
Produce Great Results.

Behavioral Science Made Simple

Practice-based performance management. Driven by behavioral science. Focused on results.

Actionable Competencies
Social Development
Gamified Performance

Delightfully Easy To Use

ResultPal is a flexible, feature-rich performance management solution with a delightfully simple twist: practicing great behavior produces great results.

  • Enlighten

    • Actionable Competency Architecture
    • Real-time, Predictive Talent Analytics
    • Aligned, Individual and Company Objectives
  • Engage

    • Year-Round Performance Conversations
    • Mobile Practice and Learning Transfer
    • Social Reviews, Recognition, and Rewards
  • Empower

    • Drag-n-Drop Ease of Use
    • Science-based Motivation and Engagement
    • Practice as a Career Development Strategy

The Three Gaps

The Three Gaps Between Goals and Greatness is a business parable that sets up the premise for ResultPal, and reveals a step-by-step program for developing great leaders, increasing employee engagement and retention, and improving company performance through the timeless principles of: Practice!

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD

“This book is a delightful read—not to mention thoroughly enlightening on the topic of leadership!”

Marshall Goldsmith, PhDRenowned Leadership Development ExpertMarshall Goldsmith Library

Others Agree

Michael Papay

ResultPal uses the refreshingly simple power of practice to improve employees, teams, and organizations.

Michael PapayCEO and co-founderWaggl, a real-time employee feedback platform.
Les Brown

This is a GOLD mine!

Les BrownWorld renowned motivational speakerLes Brown Enterprises
Adam Coe

ResultPal fills a gigantic gap that takes a user from merely identifying development opportunities to the next level of actually executing behavioral excellence in the workplace.

Adam CoeAdministratorGood Samaritan Society
Bob Trojan

For any organization that wants real results and is ready to take their sales game to the next level.

Bob TrojanSales Vice PresidentCompuware

Enlighten. Engage. Empower.

Drive business results with field-proven behavioral science.